Manufacturer: NXTL3V3L
SKU: eBike1
Compatable with most E-Bike brands
Trade enquiries welcome
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Makes chain lubrication of Ebike chain easy. Lifts back wheel off the ground.

Makes for easy charging with charger storage; Stable stand so you can do maintenance on your bike; Compact and strong design; Easy to assemble out the box; Additional hooks to hang Helmet and shoes so they can dry and air and always in one place.

Hidden shelf to store Chain lude and other consumables for easy access.

Different downtube foam inserts to cater for different bike sizes so you always get a good fit for maximin stability .

Optional “drip sheet” for front and back wheels if you have to store wet bike after ride or wash…or you are afraid of some chain lube splatter just buy one.. 

All Specialised 1st , 2nd and 3rd Generation TURBO LEVO , LEVO SL and KENEVO SL; TREK; GIANT

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